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Officials are the lifeblood of our sport and without them our sport would not be able to continue. Becoming an official can be a rewarding and at times, challenging role.

Types of Officials

At any race meeting there are numerous Officials present to assist you and to ensure the safe and fair running of the meeting. The following list outlines some of the main types of Officials that exist in motorcycle sport:


The person with the supreme control of a race meeting. The Steward is Motorcycling Australia's representative. The Steward has the power to enforce penalties and adjudicate over the rules. It is rare for competitors to have any dealings with the Steward as the actual running of the meeting is done by the Clerk of the Course.


The person who has supreme control at a Speedway race meeting. The Referee has the same functions as a Steward but has more direct control over a meeting.

Clerk of Course 

The Clerk of the Course is responsible to the Steward for the running of the meeting. The Clerk of the Course will ensure that the circuit is safe, the officials are at their posts and refer to the Steward those difficulties that cannot be resolved at a lower level. If you have any questions regarding safety, legality or the running of the races direct them to the Clerk of the Course.

Race Secretary

The person in charge of the administrative aspects of a meeting. Matters of entries and fees, grid positions, materials and equipment should be directed here.

Measurers & Scrutineers

Responsible for determining compliance and eligibility of machines and riding gear as in accordance with the M.O.M.S and Supplementary Regulations.


The Starter is responsible for the actual starting of the race as well as assessing the fairness of the start. He will decide if any riders 'jump' the start and inform the Clerk of the Course who will recommend any penalties. He may also declare a false start if someone is disadvantaged.


The function of the judge is to declare the order in which the competing motorcycles cross the finishing line.

Flag Marshals 

Responsible for signalling race conditions and instructions to riders and providing initial safety assistance.


Commentates the races and broadcasts details about the races and contestants to the public. Announcers are not to show bias to any riders or offer advice and instructions to any riders. The announcer shall also broadcast any instructions from the Steward.

Grid Marshal

In charge of the safe and proper running of the pit area including the grid. The Grid Marshal ensures that the correct riders are on their appropriate row at the due time. He will refer problems to the Clerk of the Course.


The observer or marker is an important official in the discipline of Observed Trials. His role is observe riders as they pass through sections of the course and record penalty points on a punch card or tally sheet