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About Motorcycling Tasmania

MTAS  "Motorcycling Tasmania"

       Is the controlling body responsible for administering motorcycle competition in Tasmania.

Our Vision Is:

      The betterment of motorcycle sport in Tasmania and Australia.

Our Mission Is:

       For Motorcycling to provide safe entertainment, recreation and competition for all motorcyclists.

Motorcycling Tasmania - The Benefits of a State Wide Body

As a state wide body, MTAS can co-ordinate events at club and State level to provide a complete range of competition, with the facility for progression to National and International levels.

MTAS representatives lobby all levels of State and Federal Government for access to funding for the multitude of purposes, such as the training of coaches, coaching and development of motorcyclists of all levels including our future champions, the juniors.

MTAS provides strength of numbers where numerical representation may be significant in effecting particular outcomes. This is both when representing Tasmanian interests at the at MA "Motorcycling Australia" conferences, and the strength of a national backing of some 45,000 motorcyclists with local Government.

In this current climate where so many not for profit organisations are having to cancel events due to the spiraling cost of insurance, MTAS provides access to public liability insurance cover through Motorcycling Australia, which is affordable because its cost is is shared by a large member base.

Key Functions of MTAS

  • ​Issues permits for motorcycle sport events in Tasmania
  • Issues Licences for competitors and venues (eg, race circuits)
  • Facilitates the annual Calendar of Events
  • Promotes various Tasmanian Championships through its member clubs
  • Conducts Official's Training Seminars
  • Provides senior Official's (Stewards) for State Championship Events
  • Co-ordinates the Tasmanian Coaching and Development Program
  • Encourages private promotions of one off events
  • Assists clubs in bidding for Australian Championship Events
  • Provides input to MA on behalf of Tasmanian clubs and competitors

Benefits of association with MTAS

  • Recognised peak body for Motorcycling within from the Office of Sport and Recreation
  • Provides a wide range of support including the extensive Club Manual and MA Rule Book
  • Enables access to State Government Funding
  • Provides a stronger "united" voice for motorcycle sport and motorcycling in Tasmania